Shopify Training Course

Shopify Training Course

The best Shopify SEO & Growth Training Course! Are you one of 100,000’s of Shopify store owners who are struggling with their Shopify SEO Growth to get HIGHER RANKINGS, MORE TRAFFIC & MORE SALES? Have you got great products but you just need to get more traffic to your store? Are your rankings just not getting any higher and you don’t know why?


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Shopify SEO

To give you a bit of background, Shopify SEO is a little more complex than your standard e-commerce SEO process. I’ve previously highlighted [in detail] Shopify’s technical SEO issues:

  • Slow Page Load Speed
  • Duplicate or Blocked Product Filter Pages
  • Keyword Conflicts & Canibalization
  • Metadata Duplication
  • Content Duplication
  • Pagination Issues
  • Incoherent Canonicalization

As a result, a slightly more different approach is required for achieving significant improvements in rankings and traffic with Shopify SEO and we’ll show you how. As we have developed the world’s most technically advanced Shopify theme for SEO which eliminates all of Shopify’s technical SEO issues, I think we’re in the #1 position to be delivering this premium Shopify training course for SEO.

I’m Kristin Atkinson and I’m the CEO of award winning Shopify SEO agency Integrity Search which was established back in 2010. We specialize in Shopify and have been helping online retailers and dropshippers like you, grow their business by as much as $1M within 10 months using our HIGH IMPACT SEO methodology. 

As an agency, we charge clients a minimum of $2000 per month to manage their SEO, but not all businesses can afford that right? It’s about getting a return on investment (ROI) so this level of pricing is way out of reach for most store owners. SEO takes a lot of effort. I believe most SEO agencies are outdated in their methodologies because they’re too concerned with spreading SEO tasks out over a 12-month period to get your monthly retainers instead of focusing on results as quickly as possible.

Any decent SEO agency will charge you anything from $500 – $5000 per month and rightly so. Forget anyone that charges you less than that. Translate that LOW cost into time and what on earth can they be doing on a monthly basis that will make a difference for that price?

SEO is a complex process that takes some time to execute but if you know what you’re doing, you can make BIG improvements to your rankings, traffic and sales FAST, if you just spend a couple of hours a day doing the right things.

We’ve delivered SEO for over 750 clients since 2010 so we know what SEO works, and we know what doesn’t. We also know what tasks will achieve the fastest results and we have a proven track record to back it up with case studies and testimonials.

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I’m tired of seeing so many businesses waste a few hundred dollars a month on low quality, poor SEO in the hope that they’ll achieve phenomenal organic growth so I’ve put together this fantastic Shopify SEO training course to make agency level performance affordable to retailers and dropshippers all over the world.

This course will allow you to follow, learn and execute the same award winning SEO methodology that we have developed over the years that has helped so many e-commerce clients turbocharge their organic revenue.

What you will learn on this Shopify SEO Training Course?

This training course is a mixture of video tutorials and STEP by STEP instructions [Over 10,000 words and 100 pages] on how to execute our SEO methodology. Unlike other courses out there, we won’t just talk for hours and about theory, we’ll actually show you exactly what to do and how to do it with working examples and video tutorials specifically for Shopify. We’ll even provide you with email support to ensure you get the most from this course.

Training Modules

1.0 Launching A Shopify Store
2.0 Advanced E-commerce Analytics
2.1 Organic Performance Dashboards
2.2 Overall Website Performance Dashboard
3.0 Organic Insights With Google Search Console
3.1. Setting Up Your Search Console Account
3.2. Indexing Your Website in Google
3.3. Uploading Your Sitemap
4.0 Advanced Keyword Research
4.1. Meta Title Optimization
4.2. Meta Description Optimization
5.0 Advanced Keyword Mapping
5.2. Collection Page Optimization
5.3. Product Pages Optimization
5.4. Page Optimization
6.0 Organic Performance Tracking 
6.1. Position Tracking
6.2 Sitewide SEO Audit
6.2.1 Setting Up Your Sitewide SEO Audit
6.2.2 Understanding Your SEO Audit

7.0 On-Page Optimization
7.1. Image Optimization
7.2. Uploading An Image To Shopify
7.3. Duplicate Meta Data
7.4 Duplicate Content
7.5. Mobile Testing Tool
7.6. Site Speed Test
8.0. Off-Page Optimization
8.1. Set Up A Google My Business Page
8.2. Link Profiles
8.2.1. Building A Backlink Audit
8.2.2 Removing Toxic Links with A Disavow File
8.3. Internal Linking
9.0 Link Acquisition Methodologies
9.1 Link Profile Analysis
9.2 Link Acquisition Tools & Prospecting
10.0 Monthly Organic Performance Check
10.1. Organic Search Performance
10.2. All Channel Overview
10.3. Rankings Check

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Who is The Shopify SEO Training Course For?

We’ve designed this ‘easy to follow’ training course for store owners with all levels of SEO knowledge. Whatever your current Shopify SEO situation, this Shopify training course will help improve your rankings, traffic and sales.

BEGINNERS – For any entrepreneur who is thinking of, or has already launched a Shopify store that needs to drive more, free organic traffic and sales, fast. 

INTERMEDIATES – For experienced store owners who want agency level support ‘ON-DEMAND’ to get even higher rankings to generate more organic revenue.

PROFESSIONALS – For SEO professionals who want to learn an award winning SEO methodology that has been responsible for generating $Millions to enhance their skills.

RETAILERS – For small or large independent retailers wanting more organic sales. Train yourself or your team members with ‘best practice’ cutting edge SEO. 

DROPSHIPPERS – For dropshippers looking to drive more organic traffic to their stores and to their sales funnels far more cost effectively that other paid channels. 

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